Digital test for joint pain

Digital test for joint pain

Do you or anyone close to you suspect they have rheumatic disease? is a self-assessment test developed in collaboration between Stockholm County Council and the Karolinska Institute. It aims to allow people suffering from problems the opportunity to see if their symptoms correspond to some form of rheumatic joint disease.

If you or someone close to you suspects rheumatic disease, this digital self-test that can be used as a basis for discussions with a doctor. It was developed by specialists in rheumatology and general medicine in collaboration with patients. The test may not give you a diagnosis, but it can give you valuable information about your ailments. To get a diagnosis, you must visit a doctor and have a full examination.

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There are several types of rheumatic diseases. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an inflammatory joint disease that usually begins with swelling or pain and stiffness in joints, often the small joints in the hands or feet. About 1% of Sweden's population has rheumatoid arthritis. Other joint diseases that cause inflammation in the joints include psoriatic arthritis and inflammatory back disease. A much more common joint disease is osteoarthritis, which is often located in the finger joints or knee and hip joints. (1)


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