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Fewer and healthier with chronic disease

Here at Elsa we are working towards a brighter future living with chronic disease by making it easier for people to care for themselves. We currently focus on patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), though our goal is to help everyone living with a chronic disease to feel as good as possible.

In Sweden, approximately 50,000 people live with RA, and almost 3,000 people develop the disease each year (1). RA generally results in a poorer quality of life (2), which is something we want to challenge with the help of research. Our goal is to give people living with RA the tools to independently improve their quality of life. By logging treatment, symptoms, well-being and habits, Elsa helps you recognise patterns and connections that can put you on the path towards a healthier life.

  1. Svensk Reumatologis Kvalitetsregister, Årsrapport 2016

  2. Eriksson JK et al. Costs for hospital care, drugs and lost work days in incident and prevalent rheumatoid arthritis: how large, and how are they distributed? Ann Rheum Dis. 2015 Apr;74(4):648-54.

The power of research

Our goal is to make the latest research available to people with chronic disease in a practical and educational way. For example, by highlighting facts that explain how different habits could improve the effect of your medication. In order to create an app that is based on scientific data and the latest research, we proudly collaborate with several research institutions across Sweden, such as the Karolinska Institute, Uppsala University and Linköping University, as well as other Nordic and European institutions.

The Team

Photo of Sofia Svanteson

Sofia Svanteson

Co-founder & CEO

Photo of Sebastian Evans

Sebastian Evans

Co-founder & Head of Visual Design

Photo of Pelle Almquist

Pelle Almquist

Co-founder & CTO

Photo of Lina Enqvist

Lina Enqvist

Product Manager

Photo of Johan Gustafson

Johan Gustafson


Photo of Jenny Christensson

Jenny Christensson

Chief Patient Officer

Photo of Hanna Blyckert

Hanna Blyckert

Health Educator

Photo of Ariel Cicero

Ariel Cicero


Photo of Barbara Bislawska Axnäs

Barbara Bislawska Axnäs

Business Developer

Photo of Matilda Mitchell

Matilda Mitchell

Chief Marketing Officer

Photo of Marta Lason

Marta Lason

Business Developer

Photo of Ana Caballero Herrera

Ana Caballero Herrera

Data Scientist

Co-founders & Advisors

Photo of Lars Klareskog

Lars Klareskog

Co-founder & Professor of Rheumatology at Karolinska Institutet

Photo of Lars Alfredsson

Lars Alfredsson

Co-founder & Professor of Epidemiology at Karolinska Institutet

Photo of Lovisa Afzelius

Lovisa Afzelius

Co-founder och Chairman of the board

Photo of Erik Byrenius

Erik Byrenius


Photo of Leo Giertz

Leo Giertz


Elsa is a CE marked medical device that is registered with the Swedish Medical Products Agency.

Elsa is currently being co-developed by designers, developers, researchers, healthcare providers and patients across Sweden. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact: hello@elsa.science 

Elsa is partly financed by SWELife, Vinnova.

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