More research for people with RA!

More research for people with RA!

We created Elsa for people who have rheumatoid arthritis (RA), sometimes called rheumatism or arthritis. Elsa is a tool to help you find your own way to feel as good as possible. With the help of Elsa, you can gain a better understanding of how your living habits and medication can affect you in your everyday life. We are all different! You can also use Elsa to improve communication with doctors and healthcare professionals, by showing how you have felt since you were last seen.

Elsa loves research, and wants to make the latest findings available to everyone. That's why this blog contains research-based content about RA. Here you will find posts about everything from diet and physical activity, facts about inflammation and RA, to personal portraits and interviews with researchers.

We hope this will give you inspiration as well as, hopefully, a lot of knowledge and tools you can use in your own everyday life!

The Elsa app is under development and we would love to hear how we can make it even better. Everything we do in our app and write in the blog is based on research - please tell us about topics you want to learn more about!

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