Tips from Elsa—workout at home

Tips from Elsa—workout at home

Spring is upon us, and what could suit us better than some tips for home training? Maybe you want to be both indoors and outdoors? The sessions can be performed anywhere and do not require any equipment.

Physical activity and exercising are some of the greatest opportunities there are to affect your health on your own. Did you know, for example, that medical treatment and exercise create a triple effect? Your body has its own pain relief system that is released when you are physically active. This means that, in addition to being stronger and getting in better shape, you also get extra pain relief from exercising. 

Maybe you were used to exercising a lot before you got your diagnosis. Maybe you have taken a break due to the pain you experienced before you found effective medication. Or maybe you have never really enjoyed moving that much. Whatever the case, exercise is a must for people with RA and is part of the treatment plan. So how do you get started? 

The first tip is to start from where you are today. Increase slowly, and vary your exercises. Just because some things don’t quite work like they used to, it doesn’t mean it will be like that forever.


Inspiration for home training 

Yoga with Adriene 

SELF - homeworkouts 

Adidas women - move with us

Adidas runastic - workouts

We hope you find something you like—feel free to contact us with your own tips for home training, and we will complete the list!