Summer tip part 1: Nab some “me time”!

Summer tip part 1: Nab some “me time”!

Sports in all its glory, but Basia from Elsa, shares a smart hack on how to gain a little extra free time as the rest of the family is glued to the TV.

Basia: This summer is a dreamy one for people who love sports: both European Championship and the Olympics. For me who gets the creeps out of sitting and watching sports, this is a great opportunity to get some "me-time".

I leave my husband and kids in front of the TV with snacks and drinks while I can log out from the digital life. I typically head out of the house for some gardening or for a walk in the neighborhood or I find myself a cozy place where I can read a book. 

In this way, I get some bonus time for myself while recovering from the constant "musts" of everyday life. Everyone is happy!

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