Summer tip part 3: The summer under your feet and as a pillow

Summer tip part 3: The summer under your feet and as a pillow

Adam from Elsa encourages you to walk more barefoot this summer, while Sebastian at Elsa gives sleep tips - perfect for warm summer evenings.

Adam: Every summer I always get so happy when the first pictures from this year's season of the Swedish tv-program “Summer with Ernst” starts to air. Ernst is one of the few male role models I have. He does not follow the norm but shows in a different way to be a man, a more open and humble way.

Something that Ernst does every summer, just like I do, is to take off his shoes. To just let the summer be there right under your feet. Let the feeling of the grass, wooden deck, gravel or stone fill your whole body and then at night experience it again by seeing all that dirt under your feet.

Give it a try for yourself!Let the summer be as close as you possibly can. And eat strawberries, lots of strawberries!

Sebastian: My summer tip for you is to try sleeping outdoors! There are lots of different ways. Everything from pulling out the mattress on the balcony to pulling out sleeping mats and tents and going out into the woods. Do not forget the flashlight and a good book!

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Adam and his bare feet - enjoying the summer together with relatives