Summer tip part 5: Bright and early – gives a bonus for the whole day

Summer tip part 5: Bright and early – gives a bonus for the whole day

Sneak out and use early summer mornings with nature as an energy source. Anna and Sofia from Elsa share how they recharge and get bonus time when many others are still slumbering.

Anna: Make sure to get up early in the morning at least once during your vacation and spend that morning on your own walking or running, enjoying nature (or whatever your closest surroundings are) before everyone (or even anyone) else is out! After some physical activity, round off your morning with breakfast outside. This morning peacefulness follows me for the rest of my day. 

Sofia: During my summer vacation I get up early a few mornings, fill a picnic basket with yummy breakfast, bike or walk to the forest and then I pick blueberries for a while (usually not for very long) but I usually have as a goal to pick aone liter before I eat my breakfast, and some of the blueberries. Incredibly wonderful for both body and mind to walk in the forest, enjoy a good effort and a delicious forest breakfast. The blueberries I make a cake of or put them in the freezer and eat them half a year later and remember this nice moment.

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From one of Sofia’s morning walks - including the blueberry harvest!

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The result from Sofia’s blueberry harvest: a homemade blueberry pie