Summer tip part 6: Meet Tzatzikis good good friend –  Skordalia

Summer tip part 6: Meet Tzatzikis better friend –  Skordalia

Have you run out of ideas for good sauces for your upcoming BBQ dinner? Then check this out! Linda at Elsa, is sharing her all-time favorite sauce with you.

Here comes my greek family's best dip sauce to rock your barbecue this summer: Skordalia!

Summer equals barbeque - we all know that right? In my family the grill is on 24/7 and I think we have grilled everything that can fit on a grill. With a lot of grilling comes the need for a lot of sauce - at least in my family. Lucky me though, as I have a greek mother in law who is an absolute sauce master, I’ve been introduced to the world beyond Aioli and Tzatziki. Without much further ado - let me introduce you to my family’s sauce favourite: Skordalia! 

Skordalia is packed with nice antioxidants from the garlic and olive oil, just like tzatziki, but it's based on bread and is much rounder in taste. This dip sauce is served cold, or even better, room tempered, and goes well with everything: meat, chicken, fish or even stand-alone to dress up veggies.

The best thing with Skordalia (apart from its taste) is that it is so easy to make. You need 4 ingredients that literally sit in every kitchen these days: garlic, bread/potato, red wine vinegar and olive oil. You can use whatever bread you prefer, my personal favourites are baguette or walnut-rye. No fresh bread at home? Not to worry; Skordalia is perfect with old bread as well - you just need slightly more prep time as the dry bread has to soak water for 10-ish minutes and once done you have to squeeze all the excess water out of the bread until you’re left with a moisty bread lump. 

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