Summer tip part 8: “Stand floating” on the water?

Summer tip part 8: “Stand floating” on the water?

Marta at Elsa, who is not a big fan of water sports, has found her water hobby, here is her best tip!

You got to try SUP! I fell for the trend and tried out stand up paddle (SUP) the other day and it was soooo nice!!!! I got so excited that I even got my very own SUP board - I got this one: (obs this is not an ad). 

I am not a huge fan of water sports in general, especially not in COLD water, but the SUP board I got was very stable and easy to maneuver and it was so wonderful! I felt so free! 

You don’t have to go all in all at once (or ever for that matter) and get your own board - you can rent as well. You may find SUP boards at places that lends e.g. kayaks or canoes. SUP-ing can definitely be considered a physical activity so don’t forget to log your activity in Elsa! 

Enjoy! And don’t be a stranger - tell us at Elsa how it was!