Log your days regularly and feel better!

Log your days regularly and feel better!

What’s really the point of logging how you feel? Well, the fact is that regular logging can improve the conditions for a functioning everyday life where you feel good. Logging is an excellent example of a small investment with a good chance of generating a large profit.

It takes about a minute a day. It can feel a bit tedious. Maybe even boring. But by regularly logging how you feel, you are doing yourself a huge favor. We all know how difficult it can be to answer the question about how you were doing at this time last year, or, for that matter, three months ago. How much trouble with your joints did you have back then? Where did it trouble you the most? And what about the fatigue?

By logging how you feel in the Elsa app, you help yourself to be able to look back on how you’ve been doing. Many and frequent logging sessions also mean that, over time, you can see patterns and draw conclusions about medication and exercise, for example.

And when you help yourself in this way, you also help your doctor with the very best and most valuable information. Instead of you “feeling that your symptoms have changed”, you can present clear statistics when seeing your doctor. This provides a significantly better starting point for you to discuss medication and other types of help, which in turn improves the conditions for you to feel better.

Keep in mind that you are actually the only one sitting on this important information. This means it is only you who can manage it and make sure that it is used. 

Be kind to yourself. Take that minute and log your day. You deserve your own database!