Brain strong - Book tips from Elsa!

Brain strong - Book tips from Elsa!

Physical activity isn’t just good for the body: It could be the best brain gym there is! You can even say the brain actually gets a mental "upgrade" from exercise.

If you have not already read Dr Anders Hansen's book "The Real Happy Pill: Power Up Your Brain by Moving Your Body", we really recommend it. It’s perfect reading in the deck chair or as an audiobook during an evening walk this summer! The book explains how exercise not only makes us feel better physically, but also improves memory, sleep, creativity and stress resistance. Something even more interesting is that research clearly shows that exercise even affects your personality and intelligence. Cool, huh?

The book explains simply the scientific explanations why it is possible to treat mild and moderate depression with physical activity the same way doctors treat patients with antidepressants. Walking or running to raise your heart rate affects your brain’s dopamine levels in the same way as these drugs. So exercise becomes medicine! And even more interesting, the book explains how to improve your resistance to stress, get more focus and build your concentration levels.

Sure, you might be thinking, I already know that exercise is good. I get myself together to go out on the running track or to the gym. The book actually goes through this as well. Anders Hansen makes the reader really understand how to get to know your brain and see your patterns and choices in a very interesting way. Anders Hansen answers all this and a little more in his book The Real Happy Pill: Power Up Your Brain by Moving Your Body.

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