Young Rheumatists lets the patient be heard!

Young Rheumatists lets the patient be heard!

"The doctor asks" is Young Rheumatists' version to the classic "Ask the doctor". Here, healthcare professionals ask questions that patients answer. The first episode of season two will be released on World young Rheumatic Disease Day (WORD Day) on March 18.

"The doctor asks" wants to inspire co-creation and participation, and challenge the norm that care staff are the ones with all the answers while patients are passive recipients of care and information. In the first season, which was launched a year ago, specialist doctors who had to ask questions opf patient representatives in order to gain more knowledge and increase their understanding of patients' experiences and needs.

- This time we have chosen to involve the entire care team and give more professionals the chance to ask questions. We believe it is equally important that all functions take part in learning about patient experiences and expertise. We also think it is important that our members have access to a collaborative team, so therefore we share good and less good examples and suggestions for change from our unique perspective, says Cajsa Helin Hollstrand, chairman of Young Rheumatics.

Young Rheumatics patient representatives will answer questions from a nurse, a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist, a counselor and a psychologist. The podcast (in Swedish) will be released on Wednesday, March 18, on International Pediatric Rheumatism Day, which aims to draw attention to children, adolescents and young adults living with rheumatic disease.

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